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Sweater Wheater

Autumn winds begin to blow,

Coloured leaves fall fast and slow.

Whirling, twirling all around,

Till at last they touch the ground.

It’s all about autumn lately and I love it.

Sipping hot tea and cuddling into warm pullovers is just something I really missed during summer.

Currently I’m super inspired by watching the nature preparing for the cold winter days while hiking in the mountains or forests. Coloured leaves are everywhere and I already have like thousands of mushroom-pictures on my phone haha 😂.

As some of you might know I’m staying in Switzerland at the moment, therefore I had no colours on hand for the drawing above. So I improvised pretty much by using my make-up for the face and adding some rosemary and lavender to the pullover and hair. I felt pretty stupid by glamming up paper, but it has turned out better than I thought actually … (so probably I should use it more often 😂)

That’s all for now btw. I hope you like it.



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