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Bellezas mallorquinas

Capturing views on vacation in Mallorca, Spain…

As many of you might have noticed I’m staying in Mallorca at the moment in order to relax and explore the beautiful countryside of this mediterranean island, which I’m totally in love with.

For those who do not know; I’m visiting this island for years now because some of my relatives are living here. Therefore I’m trying to exclude all those touristic hotspots in my excursions in order to dive into the mallorcan culture more properly than just to hit the surface of it.

One of my favourite and most recommendable landscapes are the northern mountainous areas, which are famous for old wineries, castellos, super tiny villages and especially for the beautiful windmills.
Since I was a kid I’m overwhelmed by those super cute ruins located in the middle of nowhere, so I’ve decided to draw one, which you might have already seen above (hopefully haha 🙂 ).
I used a lot of soft pencils in order to capture the mystic auras, which are so typical for windmills and pictured a little bit of vegetation as well to create a feeling of oldness and quietness. For the snapshot I added some flowers of orleaner bushes and some other greeneries, which are also located in this area.

I’m definitely not running out of ideas concerning sketches of this beautiful landscape here, so be aware of new stuff coming soon 😉 . If you’ve got any recommendations of cute non touristic places here in Mallorca, please let me know.



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