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El paraíso del amor

The current mirror of my soul …

Summer is simply the best season ever isn’t it?

Besides the fact that school is over and I can finally focus on my hobbies, family and friends I am also able to think about issues which I am really interested or concerned about. That’s something I missed a lot during the other seasons…
At the moment I am completely into herbalism, meditations like yoga or pilates and fell in love with books about antique times e.g ‚the medicus‘. So if you’ve got any recommendations concerning those topics I’d be more than happy if you’d let me know.

However let’s come back to my latest piece of art which is pretty much mirroring my current moods haha. I am just feeling so happy about how everything has turned out and is still turning out in my life at the moment. This magnificent happiness guided me while drawing this piece.
I mostly used pastel colours as a background because I wanted to produce a smooth & welcoming atmosphere and some glittering colours for the birds and flowers to add a slight touch of magic. The birds, as a centre of my drawing, should symbolise freedom, light-heartedness and somehow a new beginning because there’s gonna change a lot anytime soon.
Capturing these emotions just fulfils me with so much pleasure.

How do you spend the upcoming hot summer days?



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